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Ella - Little Adams Peak

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Little Adams Peak, a beautiful tourist site in Sri Lanka, is not to be ignored. It is named after Sri Pada, the sacred Adams Peak, which is where the footprint of Lord Buddha’s foot is preserved. The mountain was therefore called Little Adams Peak.

Another name for this peak is “Punchi Sri Pada”. It stands at 1141 meters in height. Many tourists visit Sri Lanka to see Little Adam’s Peak. You can enjoy a breathtaking view by hiking up Little Adams Peak. While admiring the scenery, you will have to stroll through lush green tea plantations and waterfalls.

It would be worth it if you were able to visit the spot in the morning before the clouds rise. Little Adams Peak is another place that contemplates “How far Sri Lanka is worthwhile and rich in beautiful natural destinations of Sri Lankan Tourism”. Visitors will find it a challenge to turn their bodies to see the 360-degree views.

Ella is a small community located in the up-county destinations. It features waterfalls, caves, and other places of geographical significance. Adams Peak is one such spot, located opposite the Ella rock in Pyramid Shape Mountain. You must be respectful of the plants, flowers, and animals you will encounter on your climb up the mountain.

It was possible to see tea leaf collectors and workers in their estates. The climb to the summit of the mountain will take approximately 35 to 45 minutes on a zig-zag path. It is a great place to see the sun rise each morning. It offers stunning views as far as Ella Rock and as far down as the gap.

It is important to mention that you should get up at 6 AM to climb the mountain before the heat sets in. Otherwise, you’ll feel tired. Take a bottle of water with you. You may feel more relaxed if you have a cup or two of tea on the way back to your hotel. You should remember that they will charge money if you ask for a photo with the tea-potter working in the tea plantations.

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