Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka

Gal Viharaya Polonnaruwa

The second capital of Sri Lanka was the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. It is still one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a vast archaeological site covering 122 hectares, home to some of the most beautiful artifacts or ruins in Sri Lanka.

This site is home to the remains of Sri Lanka’s largest Buddhist University, “Alahana Pirivena”. Because of the many Buddhist monuments and other ruins that attest to historical events, this city is a popular stop for Sri Lankan Buddhist pilgrims. The city was once ruled by South Indian rulers, who were overthrown by Sinhalese rebels in the 11th century CE. Popular for their mixture of Anuradhapura architecture and South Indian architecture, the ruins at Polonnaruwa have been rediscovered. Because the ancient inhabitants of Polonnaruwa were a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist elites, this is why. The South Indian powers were growing rapidly and the kingdom of Polonnaruwa fell apart around 1300 CE. Until colonial explorations began in the Northern wildernesses, the ruins of Polonnaruwa remained largely unknown. Many people have been inspired by the city’s liberal approach to Buddhist art, and Hindu sensuality. You will find both Hindu shrines and Buddhist monuments here. The Anuradhapuran irrigation system was also extended to this kingdom by the kings of Polonnaruwa. The site is located on the banks of an ancient reservoir. The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa, the earliest form contemporary Sinhalese culture, is located on the bank of an ancient reservoir.

Things to do in Polonnaruwa

To make the most out of your trip, here’s a list with top attractions and things you can do in Polonnaruwa. This will help you plan a great excursion to Polonnaruwa.

  • Gal Vihara
  • Bathing Pool
  • Audience Hall
  • Parakrama Samudraya (Sea of Parakrama)
  • Rankot Vihara
  • Divine Quadrangle
  • Cycling
  • King Parakramabahu Palace
  • Thivanka Image House
  • Ancient Library (Potgul Vihara)



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