Galle in Sri Lanka

Galle, a seaside Town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, is located 116 km from Colombo. It can be reached by rail or road. Both routes follow the coast closely for most of their journey. The Southern Expressway is also an option, but it takes half the time and offers little in the way of scenic beauty.

The town has expanded greatly today and is now visible in the surrounding areas. However, the Fort is still the heart of Galle’s history. This walled city has existed since the beginning of 16th century. It has survived colonial periods by the British, Dutch, and Portuguese. In our current times, it is designated as an Archaeological Reserve. It has also been declared a Living World Heritage Site. Galle’s name is probably an alteration of the Sinhalese “gala”, a cattle fold, or posting place. The Portuguese called it Point-de-Galle. This theory is simpler and more common because of the similarities in the Sinhalese words gala (for rock) and gallus (for rooster). The coat of arms of the city was thus created by the Sinhalese as a rooster perched on a rock perch. Galle Fort Sri Lanka.

Things to do in Galle

  • Visit Dutch Fort
  • Explore the Galle Lighthouse
  • Explore the Maritime Archeology Museum
  • Visit the Historical Mansion Museum
  • Visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Turtle Hatchery
  • Dutch Reformed Church
  • Explore Rumassala Sanctuary

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